Pool Steps

Pool steps make getting in and out of your pool so easy to do. There are steps made for both in-ground and above-ground pools. Although they are sold in different models, a very popular style is similar to a wedding cake.Steps in these models are typically round or oval, rather than regular rectangular, and they are graduated with the largest on the bottom and the smallest on the top. Stainless steel or aluminum handles on either side of the steps provide added safety. The manufacturer has just recently release the second, improved version of these steps.

Pool StepsOwners of above-ground pools may want to take the size of their pool into consideration. Some sets of steps can take up quite a bit of room inside the pool. If they extend too far out, you are losing some of your swimming area. It is still possible to have steps, but a smaller set with steeper steps will take up less space than very large, bulky interior steps.

If you are really sold on steps for your above-ground pool, it is possible to buy them for both the exterior and interior sides of the pool. Other sets that are sold have steps on the exterior side with a ladder for the interior side. Both of these sets are A-frames with a small platform at the top.

If your pool has a deck, you might want to consider buying steps to place outside the pool. They are less expensive because you are only purchasing steps for one side rather than the entire A-frame. These steps will attach directly to your deck, and you can keep your interior ladder as is.

Pool steps provide some safety advantages for swimmers of all ages. The steps have a slip-resistant covering, and there are handles on either side as well. Steps are wider than ladder rungs, and they are flat just like regular stairs. Swimmers with arthritis, back problems, or other physical disabilities can enter a pool that has steps, whereas they may not be able to climb up a steep ladder.

If you are thinking about improving your above-ground pool, steps will make your pool look more beautiful. Simply replacing an A-frame ladder with steps can make a world of difference. Many steps are sold with hinged doors that can be closed and locked to prevent unauthorized persons from entering your pool.

In-ground pool owners may already have steps that were built into the pool. If not, adding pool steps will add elegance and beauty to your pool. Steps for in-ground pools come in many styles, including the wedding cake look. There are many other models available, such as steps that are short and curved on the edges. More expensive steps are large and dramatic in appearance. They sometimes have one handle with the other side of the steps open. Steps may be scalloped or semi-circular as well, which adds to the glamorous look.

Steps for pools are well-made and durable, and some manufacturers guarantee them for five years. The steps are easy to assemble polyethylene that can hold up to a 300 pound person. Some designs have a removable one step at the bottom that can be filled with sand to keep the set from floating. Most models have openings at the back for circulation and to keep algae from growing.

Best of all, steps are not very expensive, especially if you consider that they will last you at least five years.